About Vina Press Agency

Vina Press Agency has commenced its excellent work under the official license No 87328 of the ministry of Cultural and Islamic Guidance. It is proud of working meticulously with the aim of informing as well as giving hope to members of society within the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The duty of Vina Press is to inform everyone about the latest and the most effective news of Iran and the world within the abovementioned framework. Undoubtedly, all Iranians of all faiths, ethnicities, ages, and genders are the audiences of this all-encompassing media.

Vina Press agency also commits itself to strengthen the national and spiritual foundations and to use every opportunity to create hope and joy in society. The team working at Vina Press believes through empathy, hope, and cooperation, public members can overcome demanding situations and reach peace, which is the national dignity and dignity all over the country.

We hope, you and your valued suggestions help us accomplishing all we have set out to do. May God accompany us!   

Owner and President: Mina Safdari

Chief editor: Mohammad Javad Nemati

Our coworkers:

Sanaz Tavakkoli

Setare Farhadi

Maryam Ebrahimi

Nazanin Lotfollahi

Amir Hossein Gholami

Amir Reza Mohammadi